Welcome to sempre dolce!


My name is Lexi. I am hopelessly addicted to baking and there is no stopping me now…

SEMPRE DOLCE, is two of my passions – food and music – combined into one place.

Here I can share recipes, some tried and true, some new, that I found, tried, and like and in between throw in a thought or two on music (classical to be exact)
– fun no?

I am also happy to say that I share this blog with my mom, Kathy who will be chiming in some with her thoughts and  recipes from time to time. You may also see an occasional post from my sister, Shelbi (another great baker in the family).

So sit back, relax, and enjoy with me the joys of music, baking, of course eating, and then groaning with me at the mess created in the process!

Behind the name

Maybe you are wondering what is behind the meaning of sempre dolce and maybe you aren’t. But since I think it’s pretty cool, let me tell you a little about it:

I chose the name sempre dolce because in music terminology ” sempre ” means ” always ” and ” dolce means ” sweetly ”. Put  together  you have sempre dolce; always sweet ( so technically it’s sweetly, but who’s being technical? ) which seemed to fit the theme of this blog pretty well.

Some years ago at one of many piano lessons, my teacher was explaining to me the meaning of dolce. She told me that the way she remembered it was by thinking of the canned fruit ( since canned fruit is sweet ) brand: ” Dole ”. Since then, dolce is one musical expression I have never been able to forget!


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